New Zealand


GPX files

GPX or "GPS eXchange Format" files contain track data generated by GPS devices. GPX files are usually recordings of walks, so may differ in details from route descriptions. Loss of satellite connection may also cause artifacts in the data. Some GPS devices record elevation (altitude), while others do not.

Bull Paddock Creek Track

GPX file Bull Paddock Creek Track

GPS file of track from Bull Paddock Creek Biv to the Wairau River   More ▶

GPX file Alpine Lakes Circuit, Nelson Lakes National park

An eight day expedition taking Lakes Ella, Thompson, Constance & Blue   More ▶

GPX file Lake Daniels to Lake Rotoroa

Route tracing of Alternate route from the Lewis Pass to St Arnaud   More ▶

GPX file North Tararua (Hardings Park) Tracks

Tracks,routes and cut stoat lines in the area between South Range Road and the Mangahao. A mixture of GPS created files, GPX data from WAMS, and traces from maps.   More ▶

GPX file Madpom's Kaimanawa-Kaweka NS traverse

A north-south trip down the main range through the Kaimanawas and Kawekas. See the associated route guide (track) for details This GPX file is my variant of the true Kaweka 'main ridge' trip. The route I took dropped off to explore some ...   More ▶

GPX file Kaweka Main Ridge - NS Traverse

A north-south trip down the main divide through the Kaimanawas and Kawekas. The east-west watershed actually runs through private land to the west of the Ngaruroro. As such this leg of my 'main divide' trip follows 'the highest range' rather than ...   More ▶

GPX file A Whirinaki crossing

The route of my traverse of the Whirinaki Conservation Area following approximately the main divide - or at least the highest range. Starts at the Waikaremoana Road summit (SH38) Ends at the Rangitaiki Tavern on the Napier Taupa road (SH5) See the associated ...   More ▶

GPX file A Waioeka - Urewera Tarverse

A trip shadowing the main divide through the Waioeka Conservation Area and Urewera National Park. See related track for a route guide Note: this route is hand-drawn off maps, and not recorded from a GPS. As such whilst it shows the route ...   More ▶

GPX file Urutawa Crossing - Motu Rd to Waioeka Gorge

Urutawa Crossing - Motu Rd to Wioeka Gorge Via: Pakihi hut, Te Waiti Hut, Midway Hut, Tokenui Hut. Mainly on rough tracks and overgrown pack-tracks, with a short but tough riverbed section. See related track and article for route guide and trip report. GPX ...   More ▶

GPX file Raukumara East-West Crossing

East-West crossing of the Raukumara Ranges. Starting either at East Cape, Te Kumi Station or Mt Hikurangi roadend, and ending at Toatoa on the Motu Road. 5-12 days of remote, hard country. Big rivers, scrubby passes, few facilities. A challenge. Not ...   More ▶